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Women's Sunglasses

Eyes see you! Keep those peepers protected while still looking all fab and glamorous with UrbanOG Sunglasses! Carrying designer-inspired looks that are affordable and trendy to put the finishing touch on a well-coordinated outfit and keep those harmful UV rays away. UrbanOG is packed with a huge variety of fashionable sunnies from oversized lenses to square lenses! Compliment and accentuate the shape of your face and make that gorgeous outfit pop even more with a pair of unique and stylish sunglasses from UrbanOG! Keep it shady, Ladies!

Unleash the retro in you but with a modern twist by sporting a pair of oversized sunglasses with thin frames for a more daring fashion statement. Want to push it further and have the futuristic chic vibe? Kick it up with a pair of Square Lens Sunglasses to polish up your already amazing look. There's always room for better looks!

With UrbanOG Sunglasses Collection, you have plenty of options to choose from. Our amazing tinted glasses in various colors are available to you for your mix-and-match adventures with different wardrobe for a more aesthetically color pattern. How about those frames? Basics are good but artistic shapes and prints are way better! From high-polished and mattes, textures and prints, to color-blocking and cutouts, you're definitely sure to find one that not only will compliment that beautiful face shape of yours, but also, be ahead of everyone when it comes to the fashion game! No FOMO here!

We are pretty wild out here with our selection of Cat's Eye Sunglasses! These sunglasses will surely make you fall in love with them and go "Rawr!" Go get 'em right "meow" (oh yes, we didů) before we ran out and never leave the crib without 'em!

Hey there, you classy but turbulent girlfriend. We have Aviator Sunglasses ready for you to rock on. Keep your composure and elegance on while being a little frisky with these pair of sunglasses. You can never go wrong with a pair of Aviators. They are always in and timeless! Want to keep a little secrecy from the crowd? Grab a pair of black aviator sunglasses! Command and conquer the fashion world with the latest and trendiest Aviator Sunglasses from UrbanOG!
Whether you want to protect those beautiful eyes from the sun or bring out the superstar in you, UrbanOG has all the styles of sunglasses you've been wanting for an incredible low price tag!

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