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Women's Fashion Rings

Why don't you put a ring on it? The latest trends in rings can only be found in UrbanOG! Adorn your delicate hands with the most adored metals and eye-catching gemstones that can give your ensemble that extra glamour. From sparkly crystals to nimble gemstones, there's sure to be a ring that will raise the bar when it comes to your fashion statement!

The must-haves in today's hottest ring trends are Armor Rings and Ring Sets! These are the statement ring pieces that draw attention and radiate presence. Armor Rings are great standalone pieces that add fierceness to your overall look; they can also be matched with other rings that are wire-thin to add a little more pump to it. If you want something that can save you time and matchy-matchy, UrbanOG offers a variety of Ring Sets for the on-the-go-go fashionistas! Be quick and be gone!

Less is more for some UrbanOG fashionistas, which is why we have narrow band pieces to match their "hashtag" aesthetic! These minimal pieces are great for experimenting with your style whether you want to tone your look down or turn the volume all the way up. These rings are versatile pieces that can surely turn heads because of how clean and chic they look.
Bring in the colors and add more fun to those fingers with our ombre and two-toned rings! Either play with contrast or be matchy-matchy with those fancy Nail Polish for a more consistent and sophisticated look.

Looking for something glamorous that will surely add the sparkle you want? Grab one, or two, why not five? Of UrbanOG rings that are designed with rhinestones and crystal accents. Great way to blind the basics looking at your hands from the side! Stand-out and be the envy everyone with UrbanOG Rings! Make sure to check out our other Accessories as well, to match those dazzling and captivating Rings you copped from UrbanOG with necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Donít be left behind with the latest fashionable and trendiest accessories with UrbanOG.

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